Monday, December 12, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Over the Arroyo Vista Inn

Arroyo Vista Inn guests know that we have some fantastic views.  Many rooms face the San Gabriel Mountains and our several balconies and terraces provide great vistas of the mountains and surrounding communities.  The sky is also part of our view shed and this morning we had some very unusual views that aren’t often seen, and Russ got up at 5:30 to take them in. 
Those views were of the moon and the lunar eclipse.  On the west coast we were able to see the entire eclipse.  Russ got some great views leading up to the total eclipse but then some cloud cover moved in.  However, he found a web site that provided more views.  You can view Slooh, the online Space Camera at  According to Wikipedia, the name Slooh comes from the word “slew” to indicate a movement of a telescope, modified to “ooh” to express pleasure and surprise.
Of course Pasadena and the Los Angeles area is a great place to explore space if that is your interest.  From the Inn you can see Mount Wilson and a short drive will take you through the Angeles National Forest,, to the observatory which was founded in 1904 by George Ellery Hale in cooperation with the Carnegie Institution.  Tours are available certain times of the year and more information can be found at .  Another interesting place to visit is the Carnegie Institution for Science in Pasadena, which offers colloquia, lunch talks and morning tea with scientists.
Russ alternated from going out on the porch with his binoculars to look at the actual eclipse to coming back in and watching the eclipse around the world on the Slooh Space Camera with real time views from Hawaii, Singapore and Australia.  The event was narrated by scientists who were taking questions from callers.
By the time the moon was covered totally by the earth’s shadow, clouds had obscured it, so Russ had to enjoy the rest of the experience on the Space Camera.  However, in the next few minutes he was treated to the wonderful views of the sunrise.  First it brought up the outline of the San Gabriel Mountains, then color began to return to trees and buildings, city lights began to dim, windows of homes and buildings across the valley began to reflect bright beams of sunlight and suddenly, there it was, our sun, illuminating and warming another glorious day here at the Arroyo Vista Inn.
We invite you to book a room and come and enjoy the sunrise with us, and of course, we will provide you with a great breakfast and lots of hot coffee, tea or chocolate.  Be sure to visit our web site at to make your reservation for your weekend of space exploration or just plain relaxation.

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