Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hiking Trail, Running Trail, Arroyo Seco

Arroyo Seco Trail- The First Mile

Guests frequently ask about a place to run nearby the B & B.  We direct them to the Arroyo Seco Trail which runs from Monterey Road under eight bridges, past the Rose Bowl, to JPL, and further into the San Gabriel Mountains.  It is approximately three miles from here to the Rose Bowl.

The trail is beautiful. It may be used by runners, walkers, horses, dogs and is sometimes used by mountain bikers. The vast majority of users are on two feet.  It is a peaceful and serene escape. Other than the point where you walk under the freeway, the trail is generally quiet without a lot of city noises.

Entrance to Trail
Guests may enter the trail from the north west side of the intersection of Pasadena Avenue and Arroyo Drive. Just walk about two blocks to the left/west on Monterey Road.  After crossing the railroad tracks, Monterey (going straight ahead) turns into Pasadena Avenue.  There it intersects with Arroyo Drive.  The entry to the trail is on the north side of the street under the five pine trees at Arroyo Drive.  Walk down a small paved path.  The trail is at a lower level than the street.  The golf course is to the left as you head north on the trail.  It is peaceful and green.  The path is mostly dirt with some rock.
Below are pictures of the beautiful flowers and plants I saw in the Arroyo one morning two weeks ago.  This blog covers the first mile which ends at the first bridge, just below San Pasqual Stables.
Golf Course
Wild Fruit
First bridge- End of the first mile
There is more to be seen in the subsequent miles: horse stalls and riding rings, the LA River, a small stream and seven more bridges.

Get out and go for a hike!  All of our guests who try the trail are amazed by its serenity and the closeness of nature to the city!