Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Allergies—On the Increase

Before guests arrive at Arroyo Vista Inn, we inquire whether they have food allergies that apply to breakfast.  We also occasionally have guests who call in advance to inquire about whether we use air fresheners or scents (we don’t) and what cleaning products we use.  This is because food allergies, and other allergies, are on the rise.  UCLA Allergy Center hypothesizes one in five people now has an allergic condition.  Additionally,  children’s hospitals nationwide have seen a spike in severity of the children’s reactions to allergies.

Last weekend we had a record number of guests with food allergies!  As long as we know in advance, we are happy to accommodate them.  We always have soy milk available and vegetarian choices, but gluten free and dairy free can be a bit more challenging, unless we know in advance.  If we know ahead of time, it’s easy! 

 In any case these discussions with guests lead me to research a bit more on the increase in allergies, not only in the US but world-wide.  There are some theories that global warming has contributed to an increase in pollen and ragweed.  There are theories that excessive cleanliness and, indeed, sterile conditions, have contributed by reducing immunities we might have naturally developed from contact with germs.  Some experts opine the Western diet has contributed to a decline in helpful gut bacteria.  Some specialists urge earlier contact with potential allergy triggers (Dr. Ferdman at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles) and some urge later contact, demonstrating this is clearly an emerging area of medicine.

As the severity of allergic reaction increases, please let us know in advance so that we may help you avoid harmful triggers.

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