Wednesday, February 8, 2012


ART cast: Roger Bart, Michael O'Keefe, and Bradley Whitford

 Do yourself a favor.  Go to see this play before it leaves town in about 10 days.  It is laugh-out-loud funny, au courant, and thought –provoking.
We are so lucky to live in (or visit) Pasadena!  To see a comedic play in this grand, historic theater with actors of this caliber, and written by such a notable playwright is nothing short of AMAZING! On top of all that, every seat in the theater is good and Pasadena Playhouse has “rush” tickets (about $20) one hour before the show.

The play explores the nature and limits of both art and friendship.  It makes us laugh the entire time.  The audience is totally engaged in the 90 minute show.  Go to enjoy yourself as well as support the actors and the theater.  Frankly, I want to go a second time because the dialogue is so dense and provocative.

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