Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Allergies—On the Increase

Before guests arrive at Arroyo Vista Inn, we inquire whether they have food allergies that apply to breakfast.  We also occasionally have guests who call in advance to inquire about whether we use air fresheners or scents (we don’t) and what cleaning products we use.  This is because food allergies, and other allergies, are on the rise.  UCLA Allergy Center hypothesizes one in five people now has an allergic condition.  Additionally,  children’s hospitals nationwide have seen a spike in severity of the children’s reactions to allergies.

Last weekend we had a record number of guests with food allergies!  As long as we know in advance, we are happy to accommodate them.  We always have soy milk available and vegetarian choices, but gluten free and dairy free can be a bit more challenging, unless we know in advance.  If we know ahead of time, it’s easy! 

 In any case these discussions with guests lead me to research a bit more on the increase in allergies, not only in the US but world-wide.  There are some theories that global warming has contributed to an increase in pollen and ragweed.  There are theories that excessive cleanliness and, indeed, sterile conditions, have contributed by reducing immunities we might have naturally developed from contact with germs.  Some experts opine the Western diet has contributed to a decline in helpful gut bacteria.  Some specialists urge earlier contact with potential allergy triggers (Dr. Ferdman at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles) and some urge later contact, demonstrating this is clearly an emerging area of medicine.

As the severity of allergic reaction increases, please let us know in advance so that we may help you avoid harmful triggers.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hiking to Henniger Flats from Arroyo Vista Inn

One of the best things about living in the Pasadena area is the accessibility to numerous wonderful hiking areas.  Last week I took a beautiful hike to Henniger Flats.  It took two hours and 30 minutes to drive from Arroyo Vista Inn to the top of Altadena, hike up the toll road to Henniger Flats, run down, and drive home.  This is such a short amount of time to feel like you have really had a break from the responsibilities of everyday life, see some amazing views, and get a really good workout.  I came back with a clear head and a much better perspective on life.

To get to Henniger Flats, drive up Altadena Drive, bear right at Crescent, and park on Pinecrest.  The Mount Wilson Toll Road starts at a gate in the 2200 block of Pinecrest.  According to Dan’s Hiking Pages, www.simpsoncity.com, the hike is 5.4 miles round trip with a total change in elevation of 1360 feet.  The entire walk has spectacular views of the valleys.  Sometimes you can see the ocean in the distance.  With the great views comes lack of cover; in the summer the trail is hot and unshaded!  The trail is used by bicyclists, hikers, runners, and pet lovers.

At the very bottom of the trail is the Eaton Canyon Nature Center: good for kids and adults.  At Henniger Flats is the Los Angeles County Experimental Forestry Nursery.  Of course, if you are really energetic, you can continue on the Mount Wilson!

The above photo is a view from Henniger Flats on December 10, 2011.  The ocean was visible! Do something nice for yourself: Stay at Arroyo Vista Inn and go for a hike.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Somewhere In the World There is a Missing Day And Someone Will Miss Breakfast

Around the Arroyo Vista Inn Bed and Breakfast, that first meal of the day, is a big deal.  So, I was quite surprised when Russ told me that one country in our world is skipping a day this year.  Yikes, that means one less breakfast and of course one less night to have guests over.  Fortunately, that county is not us.
As you know the International Date Line separates “today” from “tomorrow” and earlier this year Samoa decided to move to the “tomorrow” side of the line.  Actually, I think someone in charge is moving the imaginary line so that Samoa will be on the same side at its major trading partners, New Zealand and Australia.
Right now when a business person in Samoa calls an office in New Zealand on Friday, it is Saturday in New Zealand and no one is there.  When New Zealand calls Samoa on Monday it is Sunday in Samoa.  You get the picture.  Now they will all be on the same day.
Further east, New Zealand has a colony of three islands called Tokelau where 1,200 people live.  They decided to make the move also.  So starting Saturday, December 31, 2011, the first place on earth to greet the sunrise will be Fakaofo, Tokelau.  And presumably, they will enjoy the first breakfast of the new day.  For more check out http://i.stuff.co.nz/world/south-pacific/5724234/Dateline-shift-gives-first-light-to-remote-atoll

We hope you will join us for breakfast any day.  We may not be the first place where the sun rises on earth, but at Arroyo Vista Inn in South Pasadena, California you will be served one of the finest breakfasts to be found on earth after spending a very restful night in one of our luxury rooms.  So start 2012 off right and book a room at our website arroyovistainn.com.